About me

My name is Caro, I'm 40 years old and I live with my three children and my wonderful husband in Vienna (Austria). In the crafting world and in forums I'm also known as "cbee". 

In the past I didn't believe that I could do anything creative. But as I discovered rubber stamping in 2009  it was a revelation for me - I could create beautiful things without having to draw! First I created cute cards but soon I found out that I liked non cute even more. Now I create almost only non cute projects.

A few months after discovering rubber stamping I began to scrap too. Now I am incorporating stamps into my layouts more and more. And I love to play with colors, different shapes and mediums.

I love to create cards, layouts, minibooks, altered art, art journaling pages and of course ATCs.

Most of my work can be seen on my blog. Some of my projects have been published, here you can find my publications

For a few years I was really quiet. Real life and some really time consuming problems didn´t let me to really get creative. Also I had to sale some of my stamps and machines etc. 

But about a year ago I decided to try to draw. I never have thought that I could manage that. Well, you know, I´m still a beginner but it is fun. So I try to inicorporate my drawing with all the other things I love: paper, colors, art journaling, atcs (in German they are named "Kakao-Karten"), etc

If there are any questions you are most welcome to write me: cbee [at] gmx.at

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  1. i've never sent a message to anyone in austria before. nice to meet you. i wanted to let you know, i live in a small town called 'CARO'. i've never seen this used as a proper noun before! one of my favorite classical musicians is from your country. mozart!

  2. Caro, where did you purchase the stamp LIFE gets in the way while you are making other plans.

    I'd love to purchase one because that happens to me. My art has been on hold for almost nine months while I was treated for cancer. I should be back to making art soon and just ordered stencils from Ryn where I viewed your beautiful art. You may contact me at:

    thank you,

  3. Hi! :) So nice to meet you! Love seeing a swimming pool also! LOL I LOVE swimming too!

    1. Hello! Thank you very much! Nice to meet you too!


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