Freitag, 21. Dezember 2018

"Merry Christmas" - Mixed Media Art Journal Page

For Christmas I have created a new Art Journal Page. I have painted some Christmas balls and wanted to encorporate them in my page. So I embossed them - first only some images in gold, then the full balls with embossing powder.
The page itself was created with black gesso, some scrapbooking paper, a napkin and some metallic acrylics.
If you would like to see my process, you are more than welcome to watch my process video. Here is the link to the video.
I would like to link this page to Art Journal Journey who want to see pages to My Favorite Season, or ‘Tis the Season

Freitag, 7. Dezember 2018

Mixed Media Christmas Card

I have created this Mixed Media Christmas Card with Patterned Paper, Glimmermist, Structure Paste, Stencils, Distress Ink and some other mediums.

Furthermore I have filmed my process in a video which you can watch on youtube. This time I have managed to achieve a better quality and I hope you like it! Here you can find the video

I would like to link it to the challenge of Art Journal Journey where the theme is My Favorite Season, or ‘Tis the Season.

Freitag, 30. November 2018

Art Journal "Journal" Mixed Media Page

Now I have managed to create a page for Art Journal Journey in the last minute. Everytime when I think that I can be more creative, that I can do more art there`s something in my live that restrains me.

But now to the page ... if you want to have a look at my chaotic way of creating this page then please have a look at my process video on youtube.

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2018

ATC Spider

I have drawn this spider after the tutorial of Lineke Ljin at YouTube. Mine is much smaller than hers. It’s an ATC. It was much fun drawing this. But I really wouldn‘t like to have such a spider at Home ;)

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2018

Back again!

Hello everyone!
I know, it has been a long time since you have heard from me. The past few years have been very difficult for me and there are some difficult times for me in the future. But I hope that I can manage to update my blog and to participate in some challenges.

Unfortunately I had to sell some of my stamps and machines etc and I really can´t afford to buy new stamps (because I know that I couldn´t stop buying ;)). But about a year ago I began trying to draw. I´m still a beginner but I will try to incorporate my drawing with the things I love: paper, art journaling, Atcs (or German Kakao-Karten) etc

And I will film my process now and than and put the videos on youtube. I hope you will like them!

And I have so many more ideas but they have to wait a bit.

For now I have an Art Journal page for you. I have started a new Art Journal and my first page is named "My favorite escape" ... just perfect, isn´t it? I have filmed my process but unfortunately the quality is really bad, I think that I didn´t have enough light. Further more the video software is new and I didn´t realise that there were 20 minutes uploaded where nothing was filmed. So if you would like to watch the video, it´s only 14 minutes long. Here´s the link to my video:

I´d like to enter the challenge of Art Journal Journey where the theme is creature comforts as I have used my favorite colors too and I love butterflies.

Art Journal Journey

Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

Stardust Bracelet und Nadeldose

Das Stardust Bracelet ist von der Beadwork June/July 2016, die Nadeldose aus dem Buch von Sian Nolan.

Verschiedene Embroidery Versuche

Vor zwei Wochen am Workshop im Waldviertel organisiert von Heidi von habe ich zum ersten Mal Embroidery gelernt. Hier sind meine ersten Versuche