Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

CC102 - Day 1

Perhaps you know that I have taken Creative Chemistry 101 and of course I had to sign in to CC102. Yesterday I finally had the time to create some parts of day 1. But I haven't made tags, you know I'm more the ATC type. And I wanted to have finished pieces not only backgrounds.

So here are 3 ATCs for Day 1 of CC102


eroded metallics - here's to say that I don't have any metallic distress paints yet. I did it with distress stains, but I think it's almost the same effect.

stamping resist


  1. Hi from Australia :-)
    Awesome!! Love these!! I like making ATC's as well and love how you've used the techniques from class on these ~ Great job!

  2. Wonderful ATCs Caro !!! How lucky you are to play with all the techniques of Chemistry 102 ! I'd love joining you, but I miss time to do it, and also I sohuld take chemistry 101 also before, couldn't do all ! :) Have a nice Sunday, Coco xx

  3. I love your color palate for your creations. Gorgeous :)

  4. Die sind klasse. Das mit der Birne gefällft mir besonders gut


thanks for looking!